Client SDK Examples

This collection of example components provide basic starting blocks for using the Integration Theme in DriveWorks Live.

We provide these basic examples as a guideline to assist you in getting started quickly.

The shared config.js file for these examples is incomplete. Enter your own settings for the examples to function.

Before You Begin

1) Integration Theme Setup

To access DriveWorks Groups using the Integration Theme, you must first register a Group Alias for each Group using the DriveWorksConfigUser.xml file on the host machine:


More information about the settings in this file can be found in the online help file.

2) Configuration File

These simple examples all use a single, shared config.js file.

This can be found in the root of the folder you selected when setting up the Integration Theme, at the point of selecting "Copy Client SDK Examples to this folder".

This config.js file needs to know:

You can also set user credentials in this file - if a default has not been set for the chosen Group Alias.

Basic Examples

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