Example Sites

Here are a selection of example sites that demonstrate use of the Integration Theme in real-world situations.

They aim to serve as a starting point and inspiration for developing your own web sites or applications.

Each example is completely customizable and ready to use with your existing DriveWorks Projects.

Local Examples

Source files for each example can be found under /example-sites in your Static Files folder - located where chosen during the initial setup of the Integration Theme.

Each example has its own config.js file - found in the root folder of the example - that needs to be configured before the example will function.


How to use these examples sites:

  1. Ensure a Group Alias is registered for your chosen DriveWorks Group. Read more
  2. Locate the /example-sites folder created in the location selected when setting up the Integration Theme.
  3. Enter your configuration settings into the config.js file included within the example you wish to use.

Feel free to copy the examples out from these help files, modify to your own needs and host elsewhere.

Note: after copying an example to a new location, ensure all paths to DriveWorksLiveIntegrationClient.min.js are updated to load from your own DriveWorks Live server address.

Integration Theme Setup

To access DriveWorks Groups using the Integration Theme, you must first register a Group Alias for each Group using the DriveWorksConfigUser.xml file on the host machine:


More information about the connection settings in this file can be found in the online help file.

External Examples

Further examples can be found on the public DriveWorks GitHub - including copies of the examples above.

These can be freely used for reference, cloned locally and shared to others assisting with your development.

View GitHub Examples