Example Sites

Below are a selection of example sites demonstrating the Integration Theme Client SDK in real-world situations.

These aim to serve as a great starting point and inspiration for developing your own web sites or applications.

Each is completely customizable and ready to use with your existing DriveWorks Projects and Specifications.

Feel free to copy and modify any of the reference examples to your own needs.

Integration Theme Setup

In order to use the Integration Theme, you must first register your DriveWorks Group(s) in the DriveWorksConfigUser.xml file:


More information about the settings in this file can be found in the online help file.


Source files for each example can be found in of your chosen Client SDK Examples folder.

Each example has it's own config.js file, in the root folder, that you will need to configure to your installation.

Simple Embedded Simple Fullscreen Simple Login Corporate Website Dashboard DriveApps